‘Tis the season

The best time of year is upon us and many pets are fortunate to be a part of the family gatherings and festive activities.

We want our pets to share in the fun, but it’s easy to forget that this change in routine can pose some risks for our pets. Dogs are particularly susceptible because they are usually up for a good time and are great scavengers! They are masters at sneaking around when you are distracted and begging for holiday treats. They are especially good at getting into trash and eating disposed food items, bones, string, or other packaging material.

An abrupt change to a pet’s digestive system can result in non-specific gastroenteritis or more seriously, pancreatitis. Material that cannot be digested can become trapped in the stomach or cause obstruction of the small intestines. Be extra careful with known toxins such as raisins, grapes, onions, and chocolate and secure guest’s belongings in a safe place as many people carry aspirin, prescription drugs, snacks, and gum in their handbags.  So be safe by being aware.

Wishing you and your fur babies a safe and happy holiday!

From your friends at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital!