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Our Veterinary  Services

Our Veterinary Services

At Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful veterinary staff are here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Veterinary Services

Our goal is to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives by taking extraordinary care of their animal family members.

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Pet Bi-Annual Examination

At Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital, our wellness examination and vaccination protocols are slightly different than what you may be used to. We are very focused on preventive care.

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Pet Parasite Prevention

You can’t always detect if your pet has parasites. Fleas can conceal themselves under your pet’s fur, and some ticks are so little they are just the size of a pinhead, making them incredibly elusive.

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Pet Vaccinations

When you initially bring your pet to Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital, we’ll make sure their vaccinations are current.

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Pet Dentistry

To guarantee that we stay at the cutting edge of veterinary dental practises, our veterinarians regularly consult with veterinary dentists to update our dental standards. 

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Pet Acupuncture

Acupuncture relaxes muscles throughout the body, which reduces pain both locally and generally. 

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Pet Diagnostic Imaging

At Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital, we offer the most updated technologies to give your pet the finest caliber veterinarian treatment possible.

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Pet Senior Pet Care and Hospice

We have a soft spot for caring for our senior pet patients at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital. Everyone wants to spend as much time as they can with their loved ones.

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Pet Microchipping

Every year, thousands of pets go missing for various reasons, and many of them never return. Even if your pet is wearing an ID tag and collar, this cannot guarantee their safe return.

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Pet Laboratory

Because our pets cannot tell us what is wrong, diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests are crucial. We go above and beyond providing you with cutting-edge diagnostic procedures.

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Pet Surgical Services

We take pride in offering a variety of surgical and dental services to our clients. We welcome the chance to handle your pet’s surgical requirements, from simple surgery to more difficult ones.

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Pet Advanced Diagnostic Procedures

Our team can more accurately diagnose your pet’s health or disease thanks to our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. We promise to continue to use cutting-edge diagnostic tools.

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Pet Behavioral & Dietary Counseling

We want the best for your pet. Allow us to create a personalized diet and exercise regimen that will satisfy all of the nutritional requirements for your companion and support their long-term health.

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Pet Televet

With TeleVet, you may consult with your vet from a distance using a mobile device to assist, treat, and determine your pets’ health conditions. 

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Senior Pet Wellness

Our dedicated team of veterinary experts tailors wellness plans specifically designed to address the unique needs of senior pets.