It’s all fun in the sun, until it’s not. As we all know and experience on a daily basis, the summer brings extreme temperatures and therefore risks. This includes risks for humans and pets. Our dogs and cats are not as tolerant to some of the extreme weather swings. Here are some tips and tricks to beat the heat and keep the 4-legged family members safe.

  • Keep walks/activities to the cooler times of day (early mornings and evenings)PeachTree Hills Animal Hospital
  • Keep walks shorter durations/frequencies
  • Limit play for exuberant pups
  • Provide water at all times
  • Avoid hot pavement/asphalt (if your hand can’t tolerate it, it is TOO HOT!)
  • Stay in shaded areas
  • Ensure indoor areas are air conditioned and well ventilated
  • Do not leave a dog in the car unattended

**If your pet is Brachycephalic (short nose/face), older, has breathing or heart issues- use extra caution**

If your pet is experiencing any of the below signs (among others), please have them assessed immediately:

  • Difficulty catching breath/excessive panting
  • High heart rate
  • Vomiting/diarrhea
  • Collapse episodes
  • Weakness or incoordination
  • Seizures/disorientation

If you have questions, reach out to your veterinary team for specific recommendations curated for your pet’s needs.

Stay safe out there. Have a great and safe summer!

-Dr. Mark Belyeu
Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital