Veterinary Medicine is complicated, arguably more so than human medicine.  In addition to having multiple types of animals, there are many different breeds of cats and dogs who have special considerations. Unlike human medicine, which has specialization within age groups (pediatricians up to geriatric specialists)—a veterinary practice must consider the unique needs of animals as they age.

At Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital, we maintain a “lifecycle” approach to care.    There are special concerns with puppies and kittens in terms of vaccinations, food, at-home care, reproduction planning and training.   Similarly, there are unique needs throughout the life of our pets as they grow, age and live their very best life.  It is important to stay ahead of these issues as your pet matures and to look for key milestones in development.

While all breeds of cats and dogs are similar in that they have a relatively short infancy and “childhood”, different breeds have different guidelines for when they are considered “senior”, and we must base our recommendations accordingly.

At the end of life, there are special things to consider from joint pain, weight management and overall maintenance of vitality.

It has been our greatest honor to be entrusted with the care of an animal from the beginning.   However, we are cognizant of your pet’s age when we welcome a new patient family, no matter how old that pet is when we begin our relationship.

The benefit of a continued relationship with a doctor and a practice is that we maintain all records on your pet and can help you proactively manage the health and well being of your fur baby.