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Pet Advanced Diagnostic Procedures

Our team can more accurately diagnose your pet’s health or disease thanks to our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. We promise to continue to use cutting-edge diagnostic tools.

These advanced diagnostic technologies enable us to thoroughly analyze particular areas and offer a quicker and more precise diagnosis.

Pet Advanced Diagnostic Procedures

Pets don’t always communicate with us when something is wrong or hurts. Because of this, our hospital has a fully functional on-site laboratory and cutting-edge diagnostic tools. We are eager to acquire a thorough assessment of your pet’s health as soon as we can.

Pet Advanced Diagnostic Procedures

Our hospital is equipped to provide advanced diagnostic procedures to help diagnose diseases.  We also utilize an in-house veterinary surgical specialist and internal medicine specialist.

Our doctors are fully trained and capable of performing advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures including, pericardiocentesis, ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirates and biopsies, tumor removal, amputations, enucleations, exploratory surgery, cystotomies, ultrasound and digital radiology.  We also utilize a board-certified veterinary surgeon and internal medicine specialist that come to our office for more complicated cases.

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Pet Advanced Diagnostic Procedures