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Pet Surgical Services

We take pride in offering a variety of surgical and dental services to our clients. We welcome the chance to handle your pet’s surgical requirements, from simple surgery to more difficult ones.

Pet Surgical Services

Our state-of-the-art surgical suite allows for the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures, such as spay and neuters, soft tissue surgery, tumor removals, advanced intestinal surgery, major abdominal surgeries, and amputations.

Spays & Neuters
Specialized Procedures
Tumor Removals
Stomach and Intestinal Surgeries
Anesthesia Monitoring

There are plenty of advantages to having your pet spayed or neutered, including decreasing the chances of mammary cancer later in life, decreasing the chance of cystic ovaries and uterine infections (pyometra), decreasing the desire to roam the neighborhood, decreasing the incidence of prostate cancer later in life, helping prevent spraying and marking, and also decreasing the surplus of unwanted puppies and kittens.

A discussion with your veterinary team can help to determine the appropriate age for your pet's spay or neuter. Your pet is given an exam prior to surgery to help determine whether your pet is healthy enough to undergo the surgical procedure. Current vaccinations are required at the time of surgery. Also, a pre-anesthetic blood screen is performed prior to undergoing anesthesia and surgery.

We take great pride in providing advanced procedures to our patients that are in need. Such procedures include bladder surgeries, spleen removals, stomach tacking, abdominal organ biopsies, eyelid procedures, limited amputations, stenotic nares (nostril) surgery, vulvoplasty, among many others.

We are proud to provide minor and major growth removals in pets. Surgery to remove growths (whether benign or malignant) can be beneficial for your pet’s quality and quantity of life. Removal will allow us to determine the type of tumor and extent into tissue with histopathology

Bowel obstruction, which is brought on by a partial or complete obstruction of the stomach or intestines, can be a common concern for animals experiencing abdominal pain. GI obstructions lead to the inability of food and water to pass through the pet's GI tract. The most prevalent obstructions are caused by foreign items (objects your pet may eat – including but not limited to socks, plastic toys, undergarments, dish towels, and corn cobs). Such foreign objects are surgically removed from the stomach or small intestines when necessary.

We are proud to provide the safest available anesthetics to our patients. Our doctors and nurses create a detailed plan curtailed for your pets’ specific needs. During the procedure our highly skilled nurses and doctors monitor EKG, heart rate, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, temperature, and end-tidal CO2 levels. We also provide IV fluids to surgical and dentistry cases as well as appropriate pain management.

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